2017 Open exhibition



The Bath Society of Artists was founded in 1904 with twenty six foundation members and it has grown over the years to a membership of around 120 diverse talented artists.

Many distinguished 20th century painters have been associated with the Bath Society of Artists including Walter Sickert, John Singer Sargent, P. Wilson Steer, Gilbert Spencer, William Scott, Patrick Heron, Mary Feddon, Howard Hodgkin and more.

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May 25th 2017 at 7.30pm
Sophie Cummings
From Where I’m Standing – A Curator’s Perspective

From Where I’m Standing brought 10 contemporary ceramic artists together to respond to Swindon’s collection of modern British art. In this talk, Sophie Cummings will discuss how the exhibition developed, the experience of working with practicing artists and the impact it had on visitors. She will also discuss the unique insight contemporary artists can offer to museums and their collections, and what Swindon has learned from the artists involved in this unique project


Over 100 years of history

The society is steeped in history, having been associated with many well known artists. On our history page you can read and view pictures of past exhibitions as well as find out more about the Bath Society of Artists in general.

Pictured right is Walter Sickert in 1939

Walter Sickert

Artists gallery

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