How many works can I enter?

Non-members may submit two works on payment of £12 for each work submitted.

Do pictures have to be framed?

Most work is framed, however the exceptions are paintings that are 'gallery wrapped'. This is a painting on canvas where the edges of the canvas are visible; they must be tidy, clean and have no canvas tacks showing.

Are metal frames acceptable?

No, metal frames, perspex, unframed glass, or non-reflective glass will not be accepted.

What is a mirror plate and where can I buy them?

A mirror plate is a flat plate that fixes to the back of the frame, usually on the left and right side about halfway down to affix the picture to the wall. Guildhall market, art shops or any DIY store.

How will I know if I have been selected?

The reply card that you bring in with your entry form will be posted back to you the week following submission. This must be stamped and addressed.

Where do I get a notification card?

You can download it from our exhibition page along with the entry form.

Where do I get the label to hang over the front of my work?

You can use a post card or any card about 5" x 3" with the details clearly written on one side.

Are there any size restraints?

No, within reason. The gallery does show off larger works to advantage; sizes of up to 150cm have been exhibited but bear in mind that even if a work is accepted there may not always be room to hang it.

Can I submit digital prints?

Photography, computer generated prints or Giclée reproductions will not be accepted.

Can I deliver my work on a different date to the submission day?

Work can only be delivered on the appointed day because BSA committee members need to check all the details of the submitted work. This cannot be done by Gallery staff

When will I receive payment?

As stated in the entry form, payment can take up to 3 months after the close of the exhibition.

Does my work have to be for sale?

Yes, all work must be for sale.Minimum price £100. If a work is marked NFS there is usually a good reason such as an invited artist or a memorial.

If you cannot find the answer to your question here, please email our secretary Gillian Sylvester-Corden at:

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