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janet payne

I was born and brought up on the south coast and after leaving school
studied   A rchitecture at the Portsmouth School of Art and the Northern
Polytechnic in London.When qualified I worked in London and for two years worked in Salisbury [now Harare]

On my return to England in 1961 I again worked in London before taking early
retirement and moving to Marshfield in 1987. I have always enjoyed the arts and crafts which  one could do at ''Night School'' for £1 a term !

I paint mainly in oils and enjoy printmaking. I also attend a jewellery
class where I meet up with old friends once a week.

East Africa by the sea - Oil

Derbyshire Cottages
Pink path in the Black Mountains
Weir pond, Marshfield
Charcoal lanscape 1
East Africa by the Sea
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