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stella penrose

Stella Penrose was born in Epsom Surrey. She studied as a Dress Designer and worked and lectured in Fashion. After the death of her second husband from cancer, she returned to her first love - PAINTING.

Her decorative paintings reflect her love of fabrics, pattern and colour.
She will often include beads, silks and gold leaf in her work.
She lives and works in Bath, England

Stella Penrose
Stella Penrose

The Song of Navajo - Oil


Questions and Answers:

What was the sixties like ?

Brilliant. I was a student at the Royal College with Ossie Clark and Zandra
Rhodes. David Hockney had just graduated but was often in the Building

What Is your greatest regret ?

A young model asked to take clothes I had designed to Paris. I had made
them for a larger model -they were big on her, so I refused.
The young model was Twiggy and the trip to Paris made her name!

What do you consider to be your greatest achievement ?

As a dress designer opening a bank in Chicago with a fashion show in the
vaults. I had to get permission from the US Treasury to 'deface' bank notes
by sewing them onto garments.

What, excluding people, is the greatest love of your life ?


What is your guiltiest pleasure ?

Hours and hours spent alone in my studio painting. My paintings are complex
involving a lot of detail, I often add gold leaf, sequins and beads.

What do you owe your parents ?

My hands that love to create with colour - paints, beads, fabrics, yarns and silks -
I owe to my mother;
My deep belief in a spiritual force for good in the world, I owe to my father.

Where would you like to live ?
Where I do live, in Bath, the most beautiful city in England.

Who would you invite to your dream dinner party ?

Carl Jung, Coco Chanel, Amy Winehouse, Leon Bakst, Egon Schiele,
Jane Austen, William Blake and Fredrick Samson (who taught me philosophy
at the Royal College of Art).

If you could go back in time, where would you go ?

In the front row of the stalls in 1909 when the Russian Ballet arrived in Paris.


1961-1963 BA in Fashion at St Martins College of Art LONDON
1963-1966 MA in Fashion at Royal College of Art LONDON
1966-1971 Designer and fashion Artist in NEW YORK
1971-1991 Lecturer St Martins/London College of Fashion LONDON
1988-2000 Trained and worked as counsellor/psychotherapist.
Paintings in collections in NEW YORK, HOLLYWOOD, LONDON
and throughout ENGLAND and FRANCE.

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